I've been doing it all my life.

I'm sorry, there's nothing I can do to help.


He called you.

People will gradually lose sight of the original purpose.

The police are looking for him.

Malloy suppressed a yawn.

He came up to Tokyo, and there married her.

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I hope I'm not bothering you.

She's young and attractive.

I don't like hitchhiking.

I'm not gambling anymore.

Don't underestimate her.

The train arrived bang on time.

I hear with my ears.

What you smell now is the scent of nightmares.

Am I invited?


They arrived there before dawn.


Tell us you've found something.

Information sometimes varies dramatically according to format: my news feed truncated the last word of the headline "Ex-boyfriend backs Cain accuser".

You're smaller than Randolph.


This is why nobody likes her.

The sun's glare is strong today.

Time heals all broken hearts.


I'm just a housewife.

Do you want to eat with us?

Don't you love cats?

That is my overcoat.

When did he leave for Mongolia?

She definitely has a crush on him.

Have you already written in your diary today?

What is high-sensitivity?

Izen moved back to the shadows, hiding behind the throne once more.


He said that if Smith was elected, he would resign.

Go to Carolyn's house.

Teriann seems to be out of practice.

Jean-Christophe's one big ambition in life was to become a race car driver.

She cremated him within 24 hours of his death.

That's all I can get out of Sanford.

She looked at several dolls and decided on the most beautiful one.

Ping pong is also called table tennis.

Let me just finish this.


The door is already open.


He's got the gift of the gab.


I would like you to sing a song.


How is your family name written?


He fell behind in his English class.


I don't think I'll be able to hold in my anger any longer.

I didn't take any books from the library.

My camera is different from yours.

I gave it to Steen.

If it's me you're talking to, it would be better if you changed the subject.

Walking is an excellent exercise.

Where is the restaurant?

Amanda hasn't done enough.

Peel the apples or wash them.

Here we come!

That was amateurish.

Winds haunt the village.

It's my turn to try and play the game.


His schedule has been changed.


I installed some new software yesterday on my computer.

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Laurel is the only one who doesn't seem happy.

I am already wet!

I want you to stop frequenting the graveyard at night.

He was at a loss for an answer.

I think she's hiding something from me.

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At first, we weren't familiar at all. Over time we got to know each other.


I didn't expect you to say that.


Would you like me to stay?

Jason refused to cooperate.

This place has more frogs than residents.

Danielle wasn't so sure himself.

Come home early, Bill.

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We try to explain things across cultures; in spite of boundaries.

He got full marks.

Taurus has a tough job.

He is up and about again.

I like the white of an egg.

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My parents have a water bed.

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That's what I can't remember.

I write letters to my friends.

When he asked for a single slice, they gave him an entire uncut pizza, which he proceeded to eat by rolling it up like a burrito and just shoveling it in. The question, of course, is whether a whole entity is a slice of itself.

Maybe one day you could show me how it's done.

Meehan doesn't know where I went.

Mike came too early because of a misunderstanding.

Gunter caught on pretty quickly.


Ms. White ordered that Larry should stay after school.

I only heard the end of Mario's speech.

With your experience, any company would hire you right away.


I have a rule not to show my collection of handcuffs and whips on the first date.

Jenine found a gun in the toilet tank.

We will be enjoying the beautiful scenery of Switzerland.

I have not any children to pass on the legacy of our misery.

Metin always seems to be busy.

What is your idea of a good time?

Her home is in the suburbs.

She has been sick for a week.

His shop is in a busy section of town.

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She did not keep her promise to write to me.


The river flows southwest to the sea.

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Panzer doesn't seem to know Arthur.

These trousers are too long for me.

I thought it strange that he didn't turn up.

The president called on the people to unite in fighting poverty and disease.

I didn't know them then.


Little by little our knowledge of English increases.

That'd take hours.

We bought Oleg a birthday present.


I know it's still there.


We can be a lot better.

His room was brightly lit.

Do you have a job?


Why are we protecting them?

Our fans deserve our best.

I stepped aside for the old lady to pass.

In other words, you're stupid.

The examination is drawing nearer.


I'm not married yet.

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I can't walk out on you and Rodent.

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I couldn't get hold of him at his office.


You'd better ask Hunter for permission.


Do you have any idea who'd want to steal Klaus's car?

The gun suddenly went off when I was cleaning it.

Carbon monoxide is a poisonous substance formed by the incomplete combustion of carbon compounds.

Josh was hungry, so he asked Sumitro to cook something.

I'll never make that mistake again.

The fact that he was a great statesman cannot be denied.

Where could Laurianne have gone?

I greet my teacher on the street.

Why do you love me?

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Don't worry. We can remedy the mistake we've made.

You have to use tools.

It is costly and politically difficult to continue this conflict.


Mr. Thompson has been very busy today.

I prefer to read.

I have to plant trees in the garden.

It was on the news.

Were you mean to her?


The fish are striking well today.


He has expensive tastes.


The Children cannot drink wine

Teenagers are God's punishment for having sex.

I repair computers almost every day.


Marcia didn't want to go to war.

Alan secretly attempted to frustrate Donovan's plans.

His little sister is fuckable.

It will not be long before the bridge is built.

What is it like living in Germany?

If Gary wouldn't eat so much, he wouldn't be so fat.

I gave the beggar what money I had.

I'll show you exactly where Ann was.

The paint was a little hard, so it had to be stirred.

The bread is old and hard.

Shane got up from the table.

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He couldn't find any refuge.

Don't look down.

We're excited for the Olympics!